The best stories are the ones that touch you deeply. Those are the stories that connect us, that shift us in some way. A good personal story builds empathy and can create real and lasting change. I can help you tell those stories.


Short story

Short videos, up to three minutes long, are perfect for getting your message across social media networks. A beautifully composed video focussed around a clear message will be powerful and easy to share. It should have impact, just like the work you do. 

Here’s an example: Something Big

Fadak Alfayad started her own campaign to change the conversation about refugees. We worked with her to make some stories about her personal journey, to explain why it was important for her to speak out about the work she does. See some behind the scenes on Fadak’s Project Page.

Long story

Some stories need more detail, especially if they are educational videos, evaluation tools, reports or presentations. Personal stories reaffirm your messaging by connecting your work with real outcomes.

Here’s an example: Aarli

Alex worked with the Bardi Jawi Rangers and the ABC in the Kimberley to make this video. It weaves together multiple objectives; language resource, environmental report, cultural knowledge, skill sharing and a literacy program. Aarli is an example of how you can make videos that tick more than one box. 


Alex's story telling process is elegant, eloquent, and accurate. Her superlative writing skills, creativity and dedication is evident in her uncanny ability to communicate with the wider audience.

Maybe you already have a vision and just need some professional input. I can help you create the impact you need.